Hairspray , founded by stylist Michael Eliades in 2008 in Dali, is situated in a growing area strategically located between three major cities. It was specifically chosen to be housed in the same building complex as the local Town Hall, ensuring convenient parking facilities for its esteemed clientele. The hair salon boasts a spacious layout with tasteful and harmonious design elements, creating a bright and inviting ambiance. The modern materials used, including wood, metal, glass, and greenery, contribute to the overall aesthetic. As soon as visitors step inside, they can sense the comfort and warm hospitality emanating from the well-designed space, enhanced further by our team of specialized experts.

Company Information
Number of Employees 1-50
Address 1
Address & Contacts
Street Address

Michael Olympiou (2D) , Dali , Nicosia , Cyprus

Michael Eliades
hairspray_cy [ at ] yahoo.com
+357 22 525 527